Challenge Forward partners with several organisation through long-term collaboration. Much of this work is focused on organizational development and strategy, communication, partner relations and fundraising. Some of these partner organisations are listed below.


Apps & Girls in a non-profit organisation based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It was founded 2013 by Carolyne Ekyarisiima a computer scientist who had been working at the University of Kampala and was dismayed by the lask of women in the tech sector. Realising the potential of tech and the importance for a gender balance, not just among consumers of tech but more importantly among the creators of tech solutions, she founded Apps & Girls in order to train young Tanzanian girls in basic digital literacy, coding and tech entrepreneur skills. To date they have trained over 2,100 girls in coding and several projects are being implemented, with some receiving funding and international recognition. Challenge Forward supports Apps & Girls through organizational strategy, communication and business development.

Read more about Apps & Girls on their website


Tchad Plus is an association in Chad that runs muliple programs. Challenge Forward works with Tchad plus specifically on the projects DAWA Mobile Health and CASP (African Cup of Slam Poetry). 


DAWA Mobile Health is a innovative health delivery system developed by social entrepreneur and medical doctor Didier Lalaye. Dr Lalaye was travelling in the rural areas in his home country Chad where he met children who had been ill for long periods of time. Based on the symptoms he suspected the children had the parastic disease schistomiasis and asked why they did not just get the simple treatment for it. He was told that there were no laboratory services available for the people in these rural communities so they could not get a real diagnosis and therefor could not be treated. Dr Lalaye then set up a simple communication structure and mobile laboratory services in order to give access to health services even in remote communities. DAWA Mobile Health is unique in that it is entirely based on the existing technology available for each person and does not require any investments or technological changes for the primary users. However, he has also collaborated with universities and companies internationally and been able to bring new technologies such as e-microscopes (a tiny device that can be attached to a smartphone camera) and e-ultrasound to the mobile laboratory facilities. Through this, DAWA Mobile Health can provide lab services such as urine and blood sample testing and diagnosis to rural communities. In addition to the diagnosis and treatment of schistomiasis for children, DAWA also servces adults including pregnant women.

Read more abour DAWA and Tchad Plus on their website



Didier Lalaye is, in addition to being a medical doctor, also a slam artist known as Croquemort. He has founded and hosted the international festical N'Djam s'enflam en slam since 2013 with the 2017 festival attracting over 6,000 attendees. Through this he has created a network of slam poetry artists across Africa. In 2016, this work was formalised when Croquemort and Faithfull, a Cameroonian slam poet, founded the network CASP. The purpose of CASP is to bring promote slam poetry, social commentary and a continental network across Africa. The first CASP festival will be held in N'Djamena in November 2018 and currently has participants from 40 African countries. The countries have hosted national competitions and their representatives will meet in N'Djamena to battle for the continental trophy. The festival will also include concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, dance shows, as well as workshops and seminars on the topics of panafricanism, anti-radicalisation, modern slavery and much more.

Read more abour CASP on their website

All photography provided by Natalie Engdahl

Photographs for each partner provided by respective organisation