Natalie Engdahl

Founder, CEO

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Natalie Engdahl founded Challenge Forward AB to be able to use her skills and experience to support the work of several inspirational innovators across the world. Before founding Challenge Forward, Natalie worked with social entrepreneurs and children's rights in over 14 countries ranging from Chad to Sweden, from Kazakhstan to Rwanda, from USA to Croatia. Through this work, she met several amazing individuals committed to improving their countries and communities, creative people with innovative ideas who work everyday the world around them. These people range from a social entrepreneur and doctor in Chad who is using the latest digital technologies to bring quality health care to remote villages, to municipalities in Sweden and Turkey who are committed to strengthening children's rights and making sure that they themselves respect and promote the rights of children every day.

With degrees in international relations as well as children's rights and child development, Natalie has the unique ability to see both the individual and the macro perspective for each project and can therefore support on strategic development that is both visionary and ensure quality services to each individual impacted. 



Challenge Forward is a network consulting company. We work in long-term partnerships with several organisation and provide services in collaboration with them and others. Read more about some of our partnerships here


Challenge Forward provides services on a short-term or long-term basis. Read more about our services here


All photography provided by Natalie Engdahl